Our responsibility

Enhancing and supporting the community

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Since, its establishment Adelco

has always operated as a social responsible company, enhancing and supporting the local community especially during the Post war, depression and period of Crisis in Greece.

Today , Adelco 


  • Complies and exceeds all the environmental concerns set by the European Guidelines, for the treatment of waste and recyclable.
  • Offer a fair and equal working environment with attention to the well-being of its employees and associates, including safety, health and personal development by collaborating with local job centers and academic institutions and developing training and internship opportunities and initiatives.
  • Supporting patient / medical organizations, Adelco works closely with medical professional, patient organizations and advocacy groups within our focus areas , providing seminars and information, and pharmacovigilance.
  • Business ethics aligned with ethical practices established by the EFPIA. The EFPIA HCP Code seeks to ensure that pharmaceutical companies conduct such promotion and interactions with prescribers in a truthful manner, avoiding deceptive practices and potential conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Produce safe and secure medicine with added safety features on packaging in accordance with the National and European directives.
  • Engaging with the community locally and internationally, sponsoring cultural wealth, and supporting Charities.
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