Pharmacovigilance Department – Adverse reaction reports

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The aim of Pharmacovigilance

is to safeguard Public Health. The term Pharmacovigilance is used to signify a system for monitoring and assessing the safety of medicinal products in order to minimize risk and improve the therapeutic results associated with the use of said products. To achieve this, it is required that medicine adverse reactions should be documented, reported to the competent authorities and assessed.

ADELCO S.A. is in full compliance with European guidelines in matters of Pharmacovigilance. The scientific personnel in charge collects and monitors the safety data for all medicinal products marketed, in accordance with the guidelines governing Pharmacovigilance and is the connection between the health care professionals, the patients and the Authorities.

Please report any adverse reactions you might experience while using ADELCO medicines:

Via phone: +30 2104819311 (office hours) and 6978242725 (24 hours)

Via fax: +30 2104816790 (24 hours)

Via email: 

While submitting your report

please include as much information as possible, including details of your medical history, any concurrent medications, as well as the dates when the medicines were administered and the adverse reactions were observed.

Please be reminded that, according to the national reporting system of spontaneous events, adverse reactions may alternatively by reported to the National Organization for Medicines (EOF), Pharmacovigilance Section, by submitting a Yellow Card report via one of the following channels:

  • You may submit the Yellow Card online, via EOF's website at
  • You may submit a hard copy of the Yellow Card report via standard mail (no stamp fee) to EOF's Pharmacovigilance Section (284 Mesogeion Avenue, 15562 Cholargos),

tel.: +30 2132040380 or +30 2132040337

  • You can also submit the Yellow Card report via fax at

+30 2106549585